Damn Good Show

• Look closely at the headline and the photo. TASK: In what way do the headline and the picture provide contrasting images of the festival?
• This contrast is reinforced in paragraph 1. TASK: Identify the phrase which reinforces this contrast.
• Paragraph 3 & 4 make use of statistics. TASK: What statistics and to what effect?
• Paragraph 5 uses the phrase “initially relieved”, with the word initially setting up the expectation that this relief did not last. TASK: What phrase is used to contrast with “initially relieved” and signal the crisis? Do you think that “pounded” personifies the rain? Why/why not?
• Paragraph 6 & 7 makes use of anecdote, contrasting with and adding to the use of statistics. TASK: What is the effect of the anecdote?
• Paragraph 8 brings together the negative and positive elements introduced in the headline and photo. TASK: Find one negative and one positive phrase.

Where I live - Somerset
I confess to having little to say on this, but here goes…
• It’s a website (!)
• It’s of local interest. TASK: Identify the features which make it clear that this is targeting a local, not a national audience.
• The use of the abbreviation Glasto could be seen as an attempt to be cool and “hip” (ouch) as could the inappropriately placed exclamation mark in the subhead.
• There’s an attempt at dramatic language in “deluge” and “rushed”.
• There is an eyewitness account from a reputable source.

I’m sorry to be failing you on this one, but it’s all a bit “so what?” really.

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