Mr Hyde is presented as representative of the darker side of Dr Jekyll. How is the picture of his depravity built up? How does the relationship between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde reflect on humanity in general and Victorian society in particular?

Section 1

Look back at the chapter by chapter notes you have made about Hyde's depravities. These break down into:

  • Vocabulary used by Stevenson about Hyde
  • Hyde's behaviour
  • People's reactions to Hyde
  • Places and people associated with Hyde
  • Hyde's appearance

This material is going to make up the bulk of your essay - about 700 words. You could go through the material section by section, or through the novella chronologically - chapter by chapter - dealing with these issues as they arise. The former is likely to lead to the more stylish essay.

You won't want to use all the material you've got or your essay will never end! Be representative and not scanty.

Remember that you need to quote in this section, because the words you're quoting are answering the first "How?" of the question.

Section 2

Deal with how the Jekyll/Hyde relationship is a metaphor for human nature. We talked about this before we started reading - how we all have out "Hyde" sides and so can all relate to the issue raised; we all understand how our worser natures, if given free rein, can overwhelm our better selves.

Section 3

In this section you're looking at the idea that Victorian society had a veneer of morality which hid a seething underbelly of vice and corruption. Jekyll represents the veneer and Hyde the underbelly. You'll need to give examples of the moral hypocrisy and double standards of Victorian society and relate it to Jekyll's behaviour in the novella.

Sections 2 & 3 will probably amount to about 500 words between them, so you're looking at an overall essay length of about 1200 words. It sounds a lot, but isn't in fact.

Good luck. Come and see me if you get stuck.