Teenage Kicks

• This headline is a reference to a song by the Undertones, but I don’t think it has any special significance.
• The picture of teenagers having fun ties in with this.
• Paragraph 1 opens up with a suggestion of danger. TASK: What is the phrase that suggests this?
• Paragraph 2 laments the gentrification of Glastonbury. TASK: Identify the language used to express disapproval of this gentrification.
• Paragraph 3 suggests that this process is being reversed and that the festival is being revitalised and regenerated. TASK: Identify the language used to suggest this revitalisation.
• Paragraph 4 tells us of Emily Eavis’ ancestry. TASK: What is the purpose of giving the reader this information?
• Paragraph 5 personifies Glastonbury. TASK: Identify the phrase which personifies Glastonbury and analyse its effectiveness.
• Paragraph 6 Gives 2 reasons why more teenagers are coming to Glastonbury. TASK: What are they?
• Paragraph 7 talks about demographics. TASK: Explain what this paragraph means, in your own words.
• Paragraph 8 introduces us to Winnie Herbstein. TASK: In what way does the behaviour of Winnie and her friends contrast with the expectations raised in paragraph 1?
• Paragraph 9 & 10 give 2 more reasons for the resurgence of teenage interest in Glastonbury. TASK: What are they?
• Paragraph 11 – 13 suggests that the festival is girl friendly. TASK: What is the evidence for this and what reasons have been suggested?

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