Polar bears. The cold hard facts.

This goes with the “Living on thin ice” article; they both come from the same place, on the same day. They may well have been juxtaposed on the original page as they are here.

The factors to consider here are largely presentational, though there is a pun in “cold hard facts”, ice being both cold and hard.

There is also use of emotive language in point 3. Identify and quote it.

The main thing, though, is surely the use of polar bear icons as bullet points, with attention being drawn to key points by larger bears.

Do you think the colour fade element is significant or just pretty? I’m veering towards the pretty option. I think the torn-out-of-a-magazine look is just for appearance too. They do seem to be trying very hard to engage our attention with regard to this serious environmental issue. Do you think it works, or do you find it patronising?