Capulet / Montague unveiling speech.

As you will remember, at the end of the play the fathers of both Romeo and Juliet promise to erect statues of the other's child. This is so that they, and their tragedy, will never be forgotten.

Imagine you are either Lord Montague or Lord Capulet. You have kept your promise and raised your statue. Now it is about to be unveiled and you are going to make a speech at the unveiling ceremony. Write that speech, using the following section headings as guidelines and the ideas given to help you think about the sort of thing your character might say.


In this you will say why you are here ( but without telling the whole story of the play in great detail). What you want to convey is why Romeo and Juliet died. Might it have been: The stupidity of their parents? Love triumphing over hatred?

His feelings

What are these likely to be: regret? guilt? shame? a sense of waste because this was so unnecessary?

His Hopes

Future friendship between the houses of Capulet and Montague? That others might learn from this and not make the same mistake?


The actual unveiling. What does he say as the statue is actually uncovered, to round the whole speech off?