We shouldn't be shocked by public apathy.

Go through the article and number the paragraphs.

Look at the source of this article. What does it say about the target readership?

Identify the contrasting words in the headline.

The opening paragraph makes use of 2 contrasts. Identify and quote these.

It also makes use of a striking short sentence embedded in the centre of the paragraph. What is the sentence and what is its impact?

Find a similar sentence, similarly placed and doing the same job, in paragraph 2.

There is a tripartite construction in paragraph 2 – “…their income…their health…the education of their children.Identify and quote the tripartite construction in paragraph 3.

In paragraph 3 “now” is contrasted with “the future” A sense of the gathering speed with which the world is moving into that future is generated by “surer every week” and “coming sooner than we thought.

There’s some alliteration in the final paragraph, banging home the point that there is an alarm which needs sounding.