Leaving the Rockies

Day 13
Thursday July 28th


Long journey ahead today so we set off in good time. Popped in first to Jasper to pick up some of the white and gold pottery I'd seen yesterday and admired so much. One piece will be for Pam, the other for our sideboard.

Leaving the rockies we crossed into the Pacific time zone so gained an hour. We swapped driving regularly, there was nothing particularly noteworthy the whole way.


Leaving Jasper and the Rockies


Arrived at Clearwater in reasonable time, our chalet is actually part of Campgrounds of America so they had a crazy golf course, swimming pool and restaurant.

We had the lower half of the chalet, two bedrooms with an open archway between them, a cooking area in the main bedroom and the bathroom off the second bedroom. Rather a strange set up really.

We picked up some leaflets on white water rafting and the local national park. We tried to book rafting for the following day but they were full and had to settle for the earliest spot available on Saturday morning. We had intended to be travelling south then but didn't want to miss the rafting. This would mean a late arrival at Pemberton as the rafting wouldn't finish until midday.

We now had to fill tomorrow in the vicinity so I delved into the guides I managed to borrow from the desk and work out a travel plan through Clearwater national park.

After supper we tried out the crazy golf course until the mosquitoes drove us away.


Ours is the bottom chalet

View from Chalet door


©2005 Rob Hayward