To Saltspring Island

Thursday September 1st

Packing for Saltspring this morning, Riyan and Karim are taking the two cars whilest Kate & Areef are going on their motorbikes also packed to the gunwalls. I sat in with Karim and Kasandra whilst the two grans went with Riyan.

A short trip down to Horseshoe Bay terminal and a quick coffee before boarding the boat to Nanimo. There we race Riyan and the others at breakneck speed (well what they call breakneck speed in Canada) to Crofton where we would catch another ferry over to the island. The sat nav didn't seem to know quite where to go in Crofton so we started off heading to the wrong part of town (it was nothing to do with the navigator just plugging in Crofton as a destination and assuming there would be sign posts). After a quick turn around we found the port a way out of town where we met up with the others again

Crofton Ferry terminal

This card game was played at every free opportunity


At the island the cars seemed to head off in a different direction to the motorbikes as out sat navs pointed us opposite ways around the lake in the centre of the island.

It's suposed to be a peaceful health spa we're staying in with nobody allowed to sit on the grass in front of their cabins but we managed to ignore that rule as we piled out for drinks in the sun. Our party occupied all bar two of the cabins in the area so there weren't many others to upset. The area being flat and grassy a game a baccii soon ensued.

Yasmin and Mark came over so we drank late into the night.