Day 21
Friday August 5th

Back to Vancouver today, Andrew was gone so we locked up and hid the key for him, then a long drive back to the ferry. After some driving in circles and frustration we located the Canon repair shop in the backstreets. I took the camera in but there was not a simple solution, interestingly they'd had another similary one in the previous day with the same fault.

We made a couple of detours just off the road to one town with lots of totems and another with murals on many walls. Neither were impressive enough to actually force us to get out of the car. The only stop we did make was far a Tim Hortons where we picked a selection of cookies and donought for munching on.

Nanaimo Ferry

We headed straight for the ferry at Nanaimo glad that it was no longer their main holiday day and earlier in the day than previously so the ferry queue would be shorter. Oh how blissfully unaware we were, the queue was longer than before. This time two ferries came and went and we just squeezed onto the next one being in the last 10 cars to board. Next time we book in advance, I'd been informed that the booking fee was $25 per person, but it turned out to be per car, oh well live and learn.

The voyage was a delight though, the scenery fantastic, however we were glad to get back to Catherine's. The day had pretty much been wasted travelling and not doing anything which was depressing.

Victoria Island



Approaching horseshoe terminal

Looking North from ferry


©2005 Rob Hayward