Whilst the 2nd edition B5W rules are emenintly playable a battle of any reasonable size takes many hours to play and defies physics and rational thought in the mechanics. These rules are an attempt to make the game faster, closer to the laws of physics, better depict the feel of the show and portray a reasonable level of technology given my experiences in working for several military equipment manufacturers and the aerospace industry.

House Rules

These rules have examined these problems

Basic Rules (Note : the rules in Word format below are much easier to read)

Ship Control Sheets (zip file in Macromedia Freehand 10 format). One day I'll convert them to pdf.

Physics versus Playability (notes on what should happen and how this is reflected in the rules)



Printable Rules

Notes on translation of ships between AOG and house rules


Fleet & ship costs

This large spreadsheet contains all the calculations and workings to generate the wepon point value, ship costs, ship's sensor values, and signatures.

Weapon range calculations

This spreadsheet is used for calculating the weapon range modifiers for each ship. It considers factors such as stability of the platform (size of ship) size of weapon, technology (plasma...)

Other Information

Ship type designations and descriptions

Locations and what's in them

Anatomy of weapons

Treatise on laser weapons by Symon Cooke

The Physics of Rail guns & B5 by Jacob Jett

My comments on Symon's treatise on laser weapons

Official Rules FAQ