Official rulings

Tension and unrest control sheets

These sheets are stored as 400dpi medium quality jpeg images approx 250Kb each

There are designed to be printed out at 93mm x 66mm with crop marks at 89mm x 62mm. This should give cards the same size as standard CCG cards. You can just fit 9 on an A4 page if you set the margins to 6mm. There is an alternate set of Black and white images

Initial tensions and unrest are marked with thicker borders

shadow vorlon Babylon
Tension & unrest
Centauri Centauri home faction
Earth Earth home faction Psi Corps
Minbari Minbari home faction
Narn Narn home faction
These were constructed using Adobe photoshop and Macromedia Freehand

Max of LPK Design created the Shadow card image.