Day 20
Thursday August 4th

Victoria Museum

Up late again, Andrew off already. Back to Victoria again today to hit the museum this time.

First in line was a special but ultimately dreary Tibet exhibition with clothes and craftwork before heading to the main entrance. This had a full sized mammoth in a natural setting, on the left was a very realistic ice sheet, so realistic I had to touch it only to discover it was real ice. Suddenly the lights dimmed, lightning crashed out, the mammoth was lit in a series of flashes and the little children all started bawling their eyes out. Some were still crying two rooms later.

On through a series of stuffed animal friezes to an interesting energy efficiency area which was very educational.

The other floors consisted of the history of Canada and its development with logging, sailing, mining, 1800 town life and many other aspects. I found it quite interesting but the kids were bored and went off to Jude to the cafe.

Back at the main level there was another special exhibition this time of Indian life showing their history, customs and way of life including a series of masks for all their spirits, totems, canoe construction and a partially buried house. It ended with the recent declaration signed by the Canadian government granting administrative rights over a set of lands back to the Indians.

By the time I completed this the others had finished their meal at the cafe but upon quizzing them it seemed they had missed several areas so I went round several of the areas again.

Gold mine

Western town

W then wandered up the main street which had both real shops and Indian craft shops. Despite having been told how un-PC it is to call a First Nation person an Indian all the craft shops called themselves Indian craft shops! Lunch was in a food hall at the trop of a mall. There were a dozen different take aways in a semi-circle around a communal set of tables. We all eded up wit something different, Jude & I going for the exotic (I tried japanese which was tasty) whilst the boys ended up with burgers.

After lunch I headed us towards the backstreets (where I knew there was a series of comic shops). Jude and David declined to be so entertained so carried on to the harbour to try out one of the little water taxis whilst Chris and I investigated 3 comic shops in a row. I ended up buying Settlers of Candamir, some poker chips and Dream Police a one off comic by jms which I'd not seen in the UK.

We'd agreed to meet back at the museum as Chris had managed to lose his sunglasses there. Chris & I saw Mum & David approaching the museum so we slipped down the road for a spot of jaywalking to reach there first. Unfortunately the others had already been and gone and retrieved the sunglasses.

Back to Andrew's to collapse and then take him out to a Carribean restaurant as a thank you. It was dark and dingy, probably a place for secret lovers and the food rather spicy but generally tasty. I tried squid which was rather tasteless and rubbery, not something I'd bother with again.

3000km of dirt accumulation


©2005 Rob Hayward