Relaxing on Saltspring

Friday September 2nd

Woke up abot 7.30am and looked out onto a stunning morning view so we lazed around. Kate then drove mum and I down to Ganges to visit thrift shops (charity shops) where I picked up a lovely sweatshirt with an embroidered Saltspring Island logo for 5 bucks. In town we ended up at a cafe with a tree growing through the canopy. At that point Areef cycled up so we stopped for a snack. The kids passed by whilst as we were finishing up.


Kate spent lunchtime putting the cake together from the bits that had been brought over separately.


In the afternoon Mum & I drove into Ganges where I had a Blood Orange gelato ice cream which was the tastiest and most refreshing flavour I've ever tasted.


We bumped into Yasmin and Mark who happened to be driving through Ganges to sort out something for the wedding.

For the evening we'd been invited over to meet the other family at the B&B in Ganges. This was a buffet meal with 20+ people. I learnt and forgot many names during the evening but do remember Sandeep putting henna tattoos on Yasmin's feet which looked wonderful. It appears that my name has become Uncle Rob to all all Mark's siblings/cousins...