A Wedding

Sunday September 4th

Yasmin's wedding is on today so up early(ish) and lots of preparation, well for Yasmin at least, hair, make-up, dress, girly giggles and what not. I just sat around and took a few photos of the proceedings. I then realised (with a prompt from Kate) that I'd forgotten to get a card so I popped down to Ganges and bought one for each of the Hayward boys. I also picked up a T shirt for Chris and a golf shirt for me with Saltspring logo on it.

A friend to do the make-up

Make-up going on

Watch out Mark


Preparing the disco music


The photographer was another friend

With only two keys between us for the chalet and lots of cars one was placed in the bacci box so whoever was back first could get into the chalet. Mum and I decided we'd rather sit on the hay bales than the chairs reserved for family at the front as they were much more comfortable.

Hay bale seats for the lucky few

Proud mum

Proud dad

The registrar barely said anything as the complete wedding ceremony had been devised by Y&M, all she needed to say was a couple of sentences then read out a poem that they had chosen. There was a brief interruption as a plane flew overhead but he whole thing was done and dusted in under 15 minutes.

Hey - we wrote this


Hay bales for seats

Back for something to eat

Back to the marquee where the table seating plan was shown by pictures of everybody that had been sent in earlier and photos.

3 Generations of Haywards

The boys

Abraham siblings

The feast started with traditional Croatioan and Indian blessings (both cut short I believe). The Croation one involved drinking a strong (homebrewed) liquor which had somehow made it through customs in a suitcase and a little china trinket for everyone. Whereas the Indian one involved hurling walnuts to the four winds and jumping on pots.

Whosoever breaks the pots first rules the marriage. Perhaps Yasmin should waited until Mark also knew the significance before jumping on hers as the words were still leaving Areef's mum's lips. At least she didn't jump on his pot too.

We then had all the traditional speaches, you know, the father of the bride followed by the groom's sister followed by the bride...

Breaking up

The groom's sister

The bride...!

At some point there was a cake

Let the music begin

First dance

"Hey look I can dance too" says Dad

The music and dancing went on long into the night. The generations drifted off home from eldest to youngest and at some point I left. Back at the chalet I spent 20 minutes looking for the key before giving up and settling down in the cold night covered only by a light shirt to wait for some more arrivals. Next door soon turned up and I poured out my tale of woe so after they'd put their baby to bed teh husband kindly dropped me back at the party whereupon instead of picking up the key Karim enticed me to stay and have a few more drinks.

I was shortly down on the dance floor showing them all how to do it "Hayward style"


Eventually back at the ranch with some of the rest of the gang I fell into bed, got up to throw up then slept til late morning.