Thursday September 8th

Today we are staying relatively local, start by popping down into Stanley Park for the bridge view and totem poles then via a viewing point where we can apparently see Kate's place of work (it was a building in the distance, I was never sure really which one) and onto Vancouver hippy district (Granville Island) for a stroll and lunch.








The hippy district was full of art shops, sculptors food markets and even a shop dedicated to the production of witches brooms. We spent quite a while watching them make a broom then perused an indoor market for something to eat whilst we sat out on the deck in the sun watching the aqua busses go past. On the way back to the car we browsed a farmers' market, another riot of colour and picked up a few things for supper.

After lunch we headed back over the bridge passing a curious set of statues which I barely had time to snap as I leant out of the car window and turned East towards Deep Cove

where we had another ice cream and sat and watched the world go by. Kids were having fun leaping off the pier.

Deep Cove









On the way home (ish) we drove up Mount Seymore passing a film crew half way up with dozens of trailers filling up a car park. Nothing was open at the top and it was still extremely hot so we only had a quick stroll before heading home