Heavy horse
10 hours

8 hours

Rowing §
10 hours
10 hours
24 hours
Road 20 28 32 24 - - - - -
Scrub / track 16 24 24 20 - - - - -
Forest 12 12 12 12 - - - - -
Swamp 6 6 6 4 - - - - -
River (1mph) - - - - 50 (5mph) 40 (5mph) 40 (5mph) 80 (8mph) -
Sea - - - - 80 40 40 120 144
Road 16 24 26 20 - - - - -
Moor / track 12 18 18 16 - - - - -
Forest 8 8 8 6 - - - - -
River (2mph) - - - - 30 (3mph) 40 (5mph) 40 (5mph)    
Road 12 16 20 16 - - - - -
Open 8 14 16 14 - - - - -
Forest 6 6 6 4 - - - - -
River (4mph) - - - - - 40 (5mph) 32 (4mph)    

3 men, knock off 1mph for each person missing.

Galleys would normally have sails a well as the banks of oars and so could travel for 24 hours on the sea but only at a slower speed than a sailing ship. For a couple of hours they would be capable of doing about 12mph

§ 6 man rowing boat, -1mph for each pair missing

For river travel remember to add the speed of the river (in mph) depending on the diretion of travel.



See also Situational Modifiers

Creature abilities

Effect when a creature enters battle
Lost half health. Usually a trigger for an ability.
Death Rattle
Occurs when a creature dies
Creature ability accessible when damaged
Can't be attacked until it engages
Disadvantage if you attack another target
Suffer half damage from attack type (cannot be stacked)
Suffer double damage from an attack type (cannot be stacked).

General terms

Suffer the effect for this and next round's actions, then ongoing saving throw at the end of each round. Even if you save you will suffer 1 or 2 rounds of the effect depending if you have already acted this round. May elect to Dodge (save) for 1d8 exertion damage regardless if successful or not.
necrotic damage
Death energy, willpower to resist
Radiant damage
Power of the gods.
Saving throw each round to throw off an effect, e.g. hold person. Only one roll but the effective roll increases by one each round.
Ongoing rising
Saving throw each round to resist an effect, e.g. breathing a gas. Only one roll but the effective roll decreases by one each round.
Weaker creature, after a kill any remaining damage goes to the another withing striking distance.
Minor action
An action you may take in addition to your normal action. Minor actions are normally at least 2s after your last main action as you are concentrating on your main action or replace your main action which is then delayed for 2s. You may only have one bonus action per round. The delay means you may not get the chance to have a bonus action.
Using a non-passive feat counts as a minor action even if it is part of you main action. Many skills can be activated as minor actions.
Can't easily see into area. Creatures are attacked at disadvantage. Half movement rate
Heavily obscured
Can't see into area. Creatures on the edge are attacked at disadvantage. 1/4 movement rate
Difficult Ground
Ground movement speed is halved. Lose half dodge ability (including defence). Running (which is now equivalent to normal speed ) needs a dexterity check, DEX (15) . Fail = prone & d6 damage.
Weakest first
Effects that affect weak creatures attack the lowest stamina first, however creatures of higher level are always considered stronger. e.g. sergeants, captains, then NPCs by level.
Bound creatures are forced to obey commands but only to the letter of the command.

Magic related

Only 1 concentration spell /prayer can be in effect. If damaged need to make a save (ENDURANCE 5+damage) to not lose concentration. Concentration actions use you the whole round. You do not get any bonus actions unless it is stopped before using the effect that round.
May be cast as a minor action except in addition to another spell.
Combat touch
If successfully touch on an attack the spell is cast at advantage (or save at disadvantage). Touch must be with bare hands.
May be performed at any time. Note that unless noted it is too late to perform a reaction (cast) when you have already been affected, it must be announced when you realise you are the target but before you know whether you have been hit or how much the damage will be. As Reactions are a response to another activity all actions for that round will complete and the reaction happens at the end of the round. You cannot do anything during the following second so any action then will be delayed. A reaction spell may be cast in addition to a normal spell.
It will consume a minor action if one is available.
Has an extended casting time ranging from several rounds to several hours. Normally involves elaoborate preperation and use of apparatus (bones, magic circle, insence...). Cannot be cast in battle conditions.
Spells/prayers may only generate a single aura may on a given creature. Auras move with the target whereas circles are in a fixed location.
Only one shield may be applied at a time, this include shield spells & prayers.


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