Each sages will be concentrate on a single general area (Major) but have some knowledge of other general areas (Minors). Within that area they have will have specialised in one or two of them. These are the same categories used for the Knowledge skill.

Physical Universe Supernatural Flora Fauna Humankind or
Humanoids or
Geography / Geology
Signs & Sigils Flowers & grass Amphibians Art & music
Chemistry Astral & Ethereal planes Fungi & Moss Arachnids & Insects History
Climate Magic Trees & bushes Avians Languages
Architecture / Engineering Elemental Planes Poisons Mammals Legends & Folklore
Astronomy Divination   Reptiles Laws & customs
Oceanography Other planes   Fish Theology
      Poisonous creatures Appraising


The races included in the various racial sections are:
Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Hobbit
Giant, Gnoll,Lizardmen,Ogre,Orc

In their specialisms they act as 2 levels higher than the general area.

In minor general areas they act at 2 levels lower.

In other areas they have no more knowledge than a general person.


Time spent in research will add to the chance of success a day/week/month will add +1/+2/+3.

Sages are paid by the time they spend not by the success with a minimum cost of 1/2 day's wage for an instant response.

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