Critical Events

Critical Events

Critical events are random events that occur due to the fog of battle. Each round a critical event will may happen when a character has the same initiative as the opposition. The effects are applied to one or both sides (rolled side randomly -: high = affects party).

If the event is not appropriate then one side gets to choose combat advantage/disadvantage.

Critical events also occur when a character fumbles, with the result always being bad for the fumbler.


The events are (d30):


No. Event


1 Armour trouble Small - Medium helm knocked off 1 character
2 " Wood shield smashed, Metal dented ( -1 Def) 1 character
3 " Shield dropped 1 character
4 " Armour badly damaged (-2 def, & 10% repair cost)) 1 character
5 Weapon trouble Weapon dropped, disarmed. 1 character
6 " Weapon stuck in something 1 character
7 Combat advantage Combat advantage 1 character
8 Combat disadvantage Combat disadvantage 1 character
9 Battlefield damage Something broken, table / chair  
10 Battlefield shifts 5-10 feet in random direction (affects 10-' diameter) Both combatants
11 Befuddled No feats until end of next round 1 character
12 Switch positions Characters switch positions by 180 degrees Both combatants
13 Item dropped Drop an item/ has it cut free 1 character
14 Stumble Save vs combat (12) or miss next round 1 character
15 Item damaged

Something on belt/ backpack hit. Save =10+ weapon damage 1 character
16 Knock down Init +5 next round whilst getting up (-3 Def on ground) 1 character
17 Lucky break +d6 to defence & saves 1 character
18 Lucky opening +d6 to hit 1 character
19 Winded Suffer 1SP (not wounds) -1 next attack 1 character
20 Retreat 1 party retreats by 10' (or -3 defence) 1 character
21 Strike 2 Another strike attempt 1 character
22 Ether flow   Both combatants
23 Stymied No hero points this or next round except 1/2 dmg Both combatants
24 Hero point Additional hero point (must be used this round) 1 character
25 Clash Both combatants hit Both combatants
26 Befuddled If attacked; no skill action next round 1 character
27 Wild opening Both combatants critical (hit for double damage) Both combatants
28 Clash of arms Miss that attack Both combatants
29 Mount rears / bolts Riding 16 skill attempt to stay on. 1 mount
30 Armour gap Strike slipped between the plates (use under armour) 1 character



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