Altering spells

Altering range...

Each spell (or prayer) comprises a set of attributes that describe its modus operandi one of which will (probably) be variable. These attributes are:

If a caster could cast the spell/prayer at a higher level then the spell is already more effective as the saving throw will be harder since that is based on the characters Arcane/faith level and not the spell level. However the caster may also choose to increase the power of damaging spells by pumping in more power, thus a fireball cast at 4th level is hotter than one at 3rd. Each row of movement increases the damage level by one.

Alteration Table


Spells cannot be increased beyond 6d12 damage. (One exception: Disintigrate)

Modifying area type (square to circle to cone)

If you are an area specialist (feat) you may change the shape of an effect for the cost of a single power point.

of side
70' 80'  
30' 35' 55' x 25° cone
25' 28' 20' x 90° cone
15' 18' 45' x 16° cone

Many spells are naturally circles or cones and cannot be changed e.g. fireball, dragon breath

Cones always originate at the caster so if converted the caster is in the middle of the circle

When converting to a cone the caster may select one of the smaller different shapes without penalty


Wizards with Arcane Knowledge of 4 may confine spells so that a delayed action results allowing the caster time to leave the area. The amount of delay must be stated at the time of casting. The caster needs to add extra power to confine the spell. Each extra power point increases the possible delay:

  1. 1 hour
  2. 1 day
  3. 1 month
  4. 1 year

A divination Trigger spell will allow the confined spell to be triggerd early.


Trying to use too much power

Trying to use more power than you are trained for can blow your mind, literally.

The level that a caster has gained in a class of magic not only dictates their knowledge of that specialisation but also how much of that type of power they can safely control. Casters can deliberately use more power than their safe limit but a wild surge may well result.

A Constitution check (12 + excess power) must be made or the caster suffers power surge, takes LX damage (where X=excess power used) directly to the brain as wound points, falls unconscious and the spell fails. Hero points may not be used to affect this roll. Other effects from the wild surge may result.


Most spells that conjure or alter something (e.g. Wall of stone) are naturally permanent whilst those that require a force or energy input (e.g. Wall of Fire, Fly), where the target of the spell moves or the effect is instantaneous are not. Some but not all spells can be made permanent.

Making a spell permanent is classed as a ritual and takes significant preparation and casting time. During this period the mage cannot concentrate solely on the ritual and may not cast any other magic. The ritual takes 1 day + 1 day per level of the spell being made permanent.

In order to make a spell permanent that is not naturally so, a continuous channel of power must be opened to the plane from which the magic flows.

The steps for creating a permanent spell are:

  1. You must have at least level 5 Arcane Knowledge
  2. The spell acts as if cast at 3 levels lower (duration is the variable, reduce all other attributes by 3 places, including effect descriptions and saves).
  3. The power for this spell is permanently removed from the caster but they still count towards your maxium allowed (until it wears off).

The duration of the spell depends upon the success level:

Succcess level Duration
0 1 year
1 10 years
2 100 years
3 1,000 years
4 10,000 years

Touch spells are reduced to affecting the caster only.

Where the normal variable is duration it will become another factor if appropriate

Anything less than 10' range becomes touch.

Special cases

Any spell may be declared a special case.


To create a permanent wall of fire

  1. Cast the wall of fire (a 4th level elemental spell)
  2. Lose 5 PP permanently.
  3. Determine success level.

The casters' staff acts as a focus for the spell.

This ritual cannot be used to create magical items. For that you need the ritual Enchant an item

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