Drama cards

Drama cards grant one off special abilities which may be minor such as the ability to re-roll initiative of game changing such as going out in ablaze of glory. They are gained by villain bosses at the start of every one round during an encounter and they must be used during that round as a minor action or not at all.

The cards come in four colours, Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum (denoted by the card sleeve colour not what is written on the card). They are obtained randomly.

Copper and silver cards tend to be more bonus oriented such as giving advantage to an action whereas the gold and platinum tend to be more story oriented. Although the full list of cards is shown not all of these were apropriate to the rules system and several have been relevelled. Hence the reason to look at the colour of the sleeve the card actually comes in.

There is currently no use for gold or platinum cards.

Sample Cards

Copper (x39)
Cowards Tactics If you start your turn adjacent to an enemy you may disnengage as a minor action
Accuracy You gain advantage on you next attack roll
Silver (x42)
Gabbled Prayers You rush through your prayers gabbling the words but the god probably understands, your 2nd prayer goes off at the end of the round. Normal multi actions penalties.
Enough is Enough Make an additional saving throw for all effects on you that asave can remove
Gold (x23)

Choose two enemies, they fall out and consider each other enemies for the encounter.

Safe Haven You come across a safe haven, (cave, inn...) where you may rest as long as you like
Platinum (x17)
Just Crazy enough to work Come up with a crazy plan. It works.
Blaze of Glory For the rest of the encounter, You gain damage resistence against all forms, advantage on all attacks and saves, Dodge each round (=" defence). You dier at the end of the encounter