Most mages take in apprentices at an early age and train them as a dogsbody for 10 years before teaching them any magic. There are some however who will train purely for money or services rendered. Thus by finding the right trainer anyone can be taught the mysteries.

Arcane Knowledge

To cast spells requires both a general understanding of arcane lore and the specific knowledge of the lore that is relevant to the type of spell being cast. Without the Arcane Knowledge skill no magic can be understood. The bonus acquired in this dictates the maximum complexity of spell that can be learnt in any category.

Intelligence dictates the maximum level of Arcane Knowledge that can be understoood. Each point equates to two levels. Thus a mage with INT=2 can learn up to 4th level spells. Intelligence can be increased by practice.


Each spell comes from only one category, and each category has up to 9 levels of complexity. Each specialisation always learns the fundamental spell of that type (or one from a choice)

The magic categories are:

When the wizard has gained the ability to cast 7th level spells in any discipline they may attempt to enter the circle of mages.

Power points are gained through training.


Each mage will know all the cantrips for any specialisation he has taken to at least level 1. Cantrips cost no power to cast and mostly have only minor effects. Each cantrip only counts as a manoeuvre and has range of STD/2. Thus it is possible to forgoe your action and cast two cantrips. They cannot be cast in addition to any actual spell or use of magical item.

Most schools have one attacking cantrip that causes d4 damage and requires a spell attack against ranged defence. Cantrips


Discipline Effect Attack
Alteration Ball of stone Spell attack
Elemental Ball of fire or ice Spell attack
Conjuration / Abjuration Ball of stone Spell attack
Electro-magnetism Spark of electricity Spell attack
Emotion Psychic damage Will save at advantage
Divination n/a n/a
Force Ball of force Spell attack

Learning magic

Each specialisation requires a 2 hero points to be allocated to it before a level is gained.

e.g. To gain 3rd level in Emotion requires 6 points (3rd x 2 per level)

Only one level in any specialisation may be gained at a time, the spells must then be practised on a major adventure before another level may be gained. The level at which magic is cast is also the bonus to the saving throw when magic is cast at a wizard.

Learning spells

Just because you are taught a spell does not mean that you will understand it sufficiently to use it correctly. Each spell must be learnt,

When each spell is first studied it may not necessarily be understood. A roll against arcane knowledge in the speciality must be made.

9 + Spell level

If a roll is failed the bonus number is noted and when the caster has increased their knowledge enough so that applying that bonus will succeed they will be able to learn the spell. Hero points may be used to increase the roll.

This assumes a competent teacher who understands its nuances and is capable of casting a spell of higher level in the specialisation of the one taught. If the caster is a lower level or if it is learnt from a book or scroll without a teacher then the difficulty is increased.

Base difficulty
9 + spell level
Difficulty modifier
Book or scroll

Remembering spells

Although mages may have spell books containing many spells from long dead ancestors each mage is capable of remembering the words and actions for only a certain number at a time. The number they can remember is NOT governed by the power of the spells, more powerful ones may not be any more complex, they just require better control and understanding . A wizard can remember:

4 x Arcane knowledge + INT

If you learn new spells once you have reached your maximum your brain starts getting confused on some of the ones you thought you knew but haven't used for a while. You may select which one to forget. You do not forget them completely as you may automatically learn them again, it will just displaces other less frequently used knowledge. You may cast previously understood spells from a spellbook; treat this as a ritual (10 minutes).

Relearning a spell only takes 1 hour.

Magic staffs (power focii)

Mages need to employ a power focus of some sort. This will generally be a staff but can be a variety of objects such as a gem or ring. The staff starts as a normal staff but becomes embued with power over the years as the caster uses it and keeps it close to him. When casting spells it acts as a conduit allowing the mage to exercise more control of the spell and focus it better. The following benefits are provided:

The difficulty to control a wild surge is increased by one without a focus.

It is the component for most spells. The mage may use their hands instead but cast at disadvantage.

Spells can be downloaded, which are then permenantly available

In addition :

Iron disrupts spells so cannot be used in a focus

Weapons (other than staffs as wizards staffs are seen as walking aids and not a military weapon) cannot be used as a focus.

Downloaded spells

Spells can be downloaded into a staff from the owner by casting the spell at the staff. No save is required, the spell is automatically absorbed. The caster may then call upon the spell at any time without using any power points. Neither is any power used from the staff. Thus a light could be made to appear continuously on the end of the staff (ie it is used each round)

There are several restrictions that must be followed.


Replacing spells in staffs.

This is a set of rituals
Before replacing spells in a staff you have to clear the staff of all previous spells, there is no checkbox to only clear a selection. The staff then needs to rest for a while before the replacement will "take". Enchanting the staff to accept new spells is dependent upon the number of power points that will be put in
Enchanting items

Clear the staff = 1 hour
Rest the staff = 1 hour
Fill the staff =- 1 hour per power point

Destroying a staff

If a staff is ever destroyed then it releases all of it's spells instantly in a random direction at full power. The wizard also permenantly loses power points equivalent to the power of the spells stored in the satff.

Spell books

When a mage completes their initial training he will own a spell book containing their mighty first level spells. Spell books are generally only used for the storage of long and complex spells such as those used in creating magical items. There is no need for a mage to carry a spell book around with them unless something causes them to forget the spell components.

There are many forms of spell books ranging from those tied down to a lectern to a simple almost jotting book

Standard books

These cost 200 gold marks to manufacture and are 12" wide, 15" high and 3" thick. They hold up to 200 LP worth of spells at 1 point per page. The vellum pages are covered by heavy leather such as dragon hide with inlaid metal straps to provide extra security and protection.

Notwithstanding any special protections a standard spell book saves at +4 against all attacks. They take one month to construct.

Note books

These cost only 50 gold marks to manufacture and are 8" wide by 12" high by 1" thick. The leaves are made of fine parchment sewn to a supple leather backing and glued to the spine. The whole is further secured front and back by pieces of thick vellum with a cover of strong supple leather such as giant cobra. A small lock or leather ties are usually used to secure it. Pages are thin and fragile so great care must be taken in its handling. Notwithstanding any special protections a standard spell book saves as normal leather against all attacks. They take two weeks to construct.

Each book has 80 pages with each page holding 1/2 PP.

Writing spells

Spells in books are slightly magical though not enough to radiate magic. Each spell must be carefully copied using gold leaf into the books. Each power point copied requires 1 day to copy and 5 gold marks worth of gold leaf . Only spells that are understood may be copied, the runes of other spells are incorrectly copied and the spell will be meaningless.

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