Each sages will be concentrate on one or two general areas with several specialisms. These are the same categories used for the Knowledge skill. Sages may specialise further in any narrow field they want to

Physical Universe Supernatural Flora Fauna


Architecture / Engineering
Elemental Planes Flowers & trees Underground Art & music
Minerals and mines

Devils and demons

Fungi, jellies and oozes Mountain History, Legends & Folklore
Land and sky Undead and necromancy Poisons & cures Desert Laws, customs and society
Oceans Gods   Water Gods
Alchemy Magic   Woodland  



In other areas they have no more knowledge than a general person.

Includes skills such as determine direction of travel underground and appraising gems and ore to +/- 10%

Includes astral plane and the planes the gods live on as well as general theology.
Devils and Demons
Includes astral plane and the planes they live on and how to conjure or exorcise
Racial group : Humanoid - civilized
Human, Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Hobbit. (Questions about your own race are at advantage)
Racial group : Humanoid - Non-civilized
Giant, Gnoll,Lizardmen,Ogre,Orc...

Time spent in research will add to the chance of success a day/week/month will add +1/+2/+3.

Sages are paid by the time they spend not by the success with a minimum cost of 1/2 day's wage for an instant response.


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