Wild Surges

When a wild surge occurs (any fumble) the power is used as normal but the spell may fail and other stuff happens. All further actions this round are cancelled.

2 = Spell fails, draws power as normal and does strange stuff.  STUNNED save 12 + level vs INT
3 = Spell works but strange stuff happens


D12 Spell fails and with strange things happening, 7-12 = Planar table

No. Event

Description (stun save + )
1  Blast  10' diameter arcane blast 1SP per power point (Endurance)
2  Backfire  Thrown back 10' take d6 damage (bludgeon), PRONE
3  Backfire  Thrown back 10' take d6 damage (bludgeon), PRONE
4  Internalised  Power channelled through you too early,  suffer minor damage, 1SP per power point
5  In your face  Goes off at zero distance/you or random enemy if targeted at an ally
6  Wobbly ether  Spell effect reversed (if possible)


D12 Spell works but with strange things happening, 7-12 = Planar table

No. Event


1  Curveball  Spell directed incorrectly (does not hit original target), Ranged at x1/2 to x2 distance
2  Curveball  Spell directed incorrectly (does not hit original target), Left or right 60 degrees
3  Burnout early  Spells burns out at end of round if it has a duration or 1/2 effect if instant
4  Dazed  Dazed next round
5  Frozen  Frozen next round
6  Saw it coming  +D6 to opponent's saves


Special Table for Planar leaks

No. Event


7 Conj / Abjur Glowing halo 1 easier to hit for encounter / 5 minutes
8 Conj / Abjur Annoyed demon comes through = spell level
9 Conj / Abjur Dispel Magic field, affects 1 item/buff
10 Conj / Abjur Teleported random direction 5' x level
11 Conj / Abjur Rains fish...
12 Conj / Abjur All opponents within 60' buffed until end of next round (+1 def, save, skill, init)
7 Alteration Boots... turned to stone...
8 Alteration 1 potion / liquid turned to water
9 Alteration Turn surroundings to another state solid (Floor > mud, Water>ice, Air>water
10 Alteration Sunk into ground level x 1"
11 Alteration Saps 1 strength from 1 nearby ally
12 Alteration Grease/Glue over 20' square centred on caster
7 Force Thrown upwards level x 5' feet. L(spell/2) damage from ceiling and floor
8 Force Cone 120 degrees pushes characters 10'x level
9 Force Sphere of force pushes all out within 5' x spell level, L1 damage
10 Force Mage thrown random direction 5' x level. Damage = L(spell-1)
11 Force Chains hold random ally fast until end of next round
12 Force Knocks prone within 10' (Dodge 15)
7 Elemental Ball of Fire… sphere 10' rad
8 Elemental Small cone of fire…
9 Elemental Lava / freezing fog / mud / cyclone pours through L(spell/2) damage
10 Elemental Annoyed elemental comes through the rift
11 Elemental 10' deep pit opens up beneath you
12 Elemental Stinking cloud 20' square
7 Divination Random vision of something within 50 miles
8 Divination Broadcast thoughts & plans. All opponents go before you next round
9 Divination Eyes overloaded - Blind for 1 round
10 Divination Ringing in your ears, can’t concentrate for d6 rounds -3 skills
11 Divination Hideous smell, retch next round , then -3 skills for 2 rounds
12 Divination Ears overloaded, DEAF for 5 minutes
7 Electro-mag Annoyed elemental comes through
8 Electro-mag Sucks out all light 20' rad
9 Electro-mag Blinding light -2 skills to all within 10'
10 Electro-mag Crackling energy, 35’ diameter L2 electricity
11 Electro-mag Wall of electricity in front of you 30' long
12 Electro-mag Random opponent blurred
7 Emotion

Fear on caster. Next action and move are both dash.

8 Emotion Hate - All nearby opponents target you next round (including ranged)
9 Emotion Slow spell affects caster
10 Emotion Blubbering wreck, -2 to skills next round, Initiative = 10, No feats
11 Emotion CONFUSED
12 Emotion Repeat cast next turn


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