There are many varied races prevalent amongst the population. These include not only the different human races, but also the more esoteric ones such as elves, hobbits and dwarfs. Many races includes sub-species, but these often appear the same to humans or other races.

Most races gain additional points to spend on a limited selection of skills which reflect their upbringing. These points are allocated as if learning skills normally. Bonuses granted to races are due to their physical and emotional make up and are not counted towards any skill levels. A character with a bonus but no skill is still counted as unskilled.

The races are:

Racial bonuses

The racial attribute modifiers applied when creating the character are:

Race Size Base Wounds Max Move Encum limit Str Int Will Con Dex Alt
Barbarian Big 15 25' 9 +1 -1 -1 +1 0 0
Dwarf Short 11 20' 8 +1 -1 0 +1 -1 -1
Elf Medium 10 25' 7 -1 +1 0 -1 0 +1
Gnome Small 7 20' 6 -1 +1 -1 +1 +1 -1
Hobbit V. small 6 20' 5 -1 -1 +1 0 +1 0
Human Medium 11 25' 8 0 0 0 0 0 0

The strength value includes all modifiers for size effects.


Barbarians are a hardy race of humans found up in the mountains. They have a hard life depending upon many skills for survival in a hostile environment. They do not find it easy to learn skills outside these areas. They are exceptionally hardy but slow witted and are known as bears of very little brain (but not to their faces). They detest magic and distrust all those who use it. Barbarians average 6'6" and 100kg

Barbarians gain

Permanent bonus +1 to three different weapons from a choice of :

Start with 3 skill points spread between (max of +2)

They also gain the following :
  1. Fast healing asset
  2. Brawling +1 permanent bonus
  3. Influence skills at permanent -1
  4. Endurance +1 permanent bonus
  5. Permanent save against

Level 5 melee

Beserker Rage feat may be bought ???


Dwarfs are short stocky people, about 4'6" tall yet weighing as much as 150lbs. They live in underground caverns or mines, preferring hilly or mountainous regions. They are loveless except for gold and gems, they are all bearded and use axes or hammers as preferred weapons. Dwarfs harbour an intense hatred of and are in continual warfare with goblins, orcs and giants.

It is inherent in their make up that dwarfs are tied to the prime material plane and are therfore extremely non magical as magic generally emanates from the alternate planes; hence they gain a bonus on saves against wizard magic. This affects wizard magic only, not priestly.

Due to their stocky build for combat dwarfs act as one size larger than they are (i.e. medium not short creatures) and thus have bonus wound points


And gain the following permanent bonuses / negatives

Their sworn enemies of, and gain +1 to hit :

They gain +2 to their defence when attacked by huge humanoids (~10'+)

Dwarfs start wih the following skills.


Elfs at first sight appear the closest to humans 6' tall but with a slighter build; however, they are in fact more different than most people imagine. Elfs have spirits but no soul; this makes them immortal (barring accident); however they do tire of life and after a while seem to fade away, at this point they voluntarily take the trip beyond the rim. It's not really known what this is as only old elves are able to conceptulise it.

They require no sleep; however; they recharge their bodies by entering a reverie which appears very similar. As they possess spirits they are reborn after death, in another body.

These differences give them little fear of death and almost total immunity to sleep magic. They are thus immune to the effects of attacks which rely on the fear of death, such as ghouls and ghasts, although such an attack will cause them to hesitate for a round during which they will take no action other than defend themselves. They gain a bonus against other fear attacks. Sleep magic won't send them to sleep; however, it will cause them to enter a reverie from they may be awakened as if they were asleep. .

Elfs are very self-aware, this gives them a +3 on saves against Mind Control magic (e.g. sleep). Their eyesight and hearing are far superior to normal, over long distances (50 yards).

Their long childhood enables them to learn several languages in addition to Elvish and common.

Elfs gain the following permanent bonuses / negatives

The missile range bonus comes into play at the next missile range encountered, a target is not suddenly easier to hit at 51 yards compared to 49 yards. Thus a sling stone with short and medium ranges of 40 and 80 yards respectively only gets the +1 bonus once the shot is in Medium range at 80 yards.

Due to their age they start with:

Knowledge +1 in one of the Sage specialisations

Elves divide into two sub-groups dictated by their upbringing, which affects their initial skills


Grey elfs spend more time in deep contemplation of the mysteries. The most powerful magical items tend to be made by the grey elf mages.

They start with:

and a set of specialisations depending upon the master. Elf masters are either Moulders of Nature or Workers with Nature :

Moulders of Nature

Workers with Nature


These live deep in the woods achieving a oneness with the environment. They tend to be more insular than the others

They all start with 5 skill points between the specialist survival skills (to a maximum additional bonus of +3).


(Based somewhat but not entirely on Scandanavian gnomes)

Gnomes are smaller, humorous cousins of the dwarfs. They are about 3'6" tall, have white hair and large bulbous noses. Like dwarfs they love mines and enjoy gold and gems; however, they are often found living in rocky or wooded glens as well as the hills. They always live in rural areas, sometimes even on (or below) farms, and will give advice to farmers. Gnomes are believed to live for 400 years, are industrious, kind, and wise. Family is important to them, and they almost always merry.They are seen as guardians of nature and animals. Although they are kind to humans, gnomes are still very secretive; they never allow humans to know the location of their burrows, never teach non-gnomes their language, and appear only when they want to.

Like dwarfs they may consume phenomenal amounts of beverage without becoming intoxicated; instead, they become euphoric and start insulting anything larger than themselves (lets face it that's most things).

Gnomes gain the following permanent bonuses / negatives

All gnomes start with

Gnomes seem to love illusions so every village will have several capable of creating rudimentary ones. Without proper mage training however they are incapable of creating more sophisticated ones. As there are so many gnome illusionists they gain advantage to spot illusions. True gnome mages can all cast Phantasmal Force.

Permanent +1 bonus to:

They have 60' infravision

Their sworn enemies of, and gain +1 to hit:

They gain +1 to their defence when attacked by Large humanoids (7'+) Like dwarfs, hills do not affect their movement speed and mountains act as hills.

They are generally less skilful miners than dwarfs; however they gain bonuses


Hobbits are like small and plump humans, standing a mere 3' tall and weighing only about 60lbs. They come in three families; Stout, Tallfellow and Hairfoot although all have the same ability modifiers. Despite their size they are extremely dextrous and can be annoying when using their favourite weapon, the sling.

As they are continually hiding from humans, hobbits have developed a very high ability to hide in scrub if stationary. Stationary and over 25' they are effectively invisible..

Hobbits gain the following permanent bonuses / negatives


These may appear, at first sight, to be the weakest of the races; their advantage is that they learn quicker and can turn their abilities to anything. They are a jack of all trades, the more different things they know the easier hey learn