Saving Throws

Certain spells and other effects allow the victim a saving throw to reduce or negate the effect. The saving throw is similar to any other skill attempt in that a difficulty must be exceeded. A bonus roll is generated and added to the base skill factor. Each success level gained reduces the effect.

The saving throw simulates many things including pure luck, such as the eddies in the fireball were slightly cooler at one point, your success in getting out of the way, your resistance to the effect and your ability to modify the flow of power itself such as a wizard performs when resisting another spell.

Saving throws are often given for inanimate objects in the posession of another (being held or worn).

Calculating the saving throw

A standard save is at difficulty 10 + spell level though this may be modified by many factors such as the ferocity of the dragon or the power of the necromancer.

What to save against

There are several general effects that can be saved against. The saves are made as a normal skill against a statistic. These are :


Save vs




Mental Defence

Fear / Horror
Anything affecting a held/worn item




Rolling boulders...
Edge of area effect magic
Blast effects

You are getting out of the area or taking cover behind something or someone else. Some spells give off tell tale effects that let you know to dodge.



Effects that permeate

Special effects from elemental spells
Suffocation / holding breath
Poison / Paralysation

Cold fogs, rain
Shrugging off special effects

Not breathing when you really want to



Illusions, Stealth

Penetration Armour Poison claw

Was your skin pierced or was the attack merely cause you to spend stamina dodging

This is a special type of save as it's based on the type of armour and the amount of damage, the more damage the more likely the attack pierced the armour rather than just bouncing.

Roll under Armour - damage taken

You will be able to use hero points against certain types of save, such as dodging boulders or fireballs, but not others. You cannot use a hero point against those where you don't know a save was made for you by the DM or there is a fixed percentage chance of an event happening.

Spells will only have one saving throw type for the main effect, other effects are assumed to depend upon the success of failure of main one.

Blast effects

Many spells or creature abilities cause a blast effect, this may be a fireball, dragon's breath or an acid spray. In these cases you are attempting to dodge behind cover, which may be someone else, or simply curling up to present a small a target area as possible. Thus it is a dodge save.

If you are in armour the fire will partially splash off the armour; thererfore, damage is reduced using it's normal affect (e.g. plate = half damage). Lack of armour never increases it. Medium and bigger shields are particularly good for hiding behind so automatically grant +1 level on your save.

Of course heavy armour affects you ability to dodge effectively.

Creatures caught on the edge of a physical effect area get advantage on their dodge save.

Saving throws

Against damaging effects the variability is in the damage rolled; the saving throw is a fixed number for the caster dependent upon their level. Against other spell effects the save is variable but dependent upoon the same factors.

Saving throw adjustments


Cover can give a bonus to the saving throw against ranged physical (including spell) attacks of +1 per 20% cover.


Mages gain an additional bonus of +1 to their save for each ability level they have in the spell type. This is cumulative with any other saving throw adjustments

The magical ability of a mage to alter elemental reality gives them saving throws even where none is normally available and even counts against non-spell effect such as the damage suffered from being inside a burning house.


Snablet the mage fires a fireball at the party with a save required of 15.

However most wizards also have response spells which automatically (if cast) reduce damage by at least half in addition to any saving throw reductions.

Saving Throw Result

This is the same table as the skill success level table. The success level determines the effect the spell or act will have on the character. The greater the success level the less the effect or damage suffered.

For non-damaging effects a successful save will often negate the spell completely. For spells that cause damage the damage is reduced according to the success level of the save.

Bonus over
Success / failure
Damage taken
-12+ -5 Catastrophic x2
-6 to -9 -3 Dreadfull x 1.5
-3 to -5 -2 Bad +10%
-1 to -2 -1 Unlucky Normal
0 to +1   0 Minimal 3/4
+2 to +4 +1 Average 1/2
+5 to +9 +2 Good 1/3
10+ +3 Superior 1/4

System Shock

System shock is rolled when a body undergoes a massive transformation such as being turned to stone or polymorphed. The standard save is Endurance 9.


Poisons do not kill (that is not fun).

When attacked by a known poisonous creature it is assumed you try to avoid the blow getting through. so it may be wise to fight with a defensive stance. If you are struck and suffer damage then you took a nick and may have got poison in you.

ENDURANCE save to see how your body rejects the poison. If you fail then:


Body effect

Game effect per check

Check every

After 1st save

After 2nd save


Necrosis Limb turns black

Delayed: -1WP


Recover 1WP/day Recover 2 WP/day


Paralysis in limb



Half speed for limb actions (& disadvantage)

Disadvantage for 1 hour


Difficulty breathing

Lose all breather and 5 minute points

+1 SP per round when exerting

10 min

Recover 5 minute points normally



Tunnel vision

-1 alertness/defence (min -4)


Recover 1




Double on dice = convulsions for 1 round.
+1 level/check  starting at double 1-4


Recover 1



Muscle spasms

Fumble on a <4-8 rising (dice), no criticals


Recover -1/hour Recover -1/minute



WILL (10-16) rising, sleep until WILL 16 then END (16) ongoing check


Wake up




Alertness & defence  -1,
Sleep if not moving.

WILL(10-16) rising


Recover after 1 hour



Engorged tongue/frothing

-1 to speech actions


Recover 1



Keeps bleeding

Delayed: 1WP

Bound = 1 Day point instead.


Recover 1



Blood oozes from orifices

Delayed: -1 STR & DEX

30 mins

Recover at 1/ day




Delayed: -1 all stats


Recover 1



Severe pain when moving

-2SP (needs magic to cure)
Can’t recover day (hour…?) points


Recover normally



Immediate limb pain

4 Day points (No WP)
Flat: 1d8 for skills


½ effect




Flat: Skills & defence -2 


½ effect



Debilitating pain - Instant

3d6 damage reducing per round (3d6/2d4/d4). No actions for 2 rounds. No WP effect


½ damage



Profuse sweating

2SP /r when in combat

5 mins

½ effect




Skills & defence -1

30 min

½ effect




Flat: Skills & defence -4

10 min

½ effect




Flat: L2 damage, rest 5 minutes in every 30





Accumulating pain

-1 skill every round of action without rest


Every 2r




-1 STR


Recover at 1/hour



Double vision

Flat: -2 Alertness & perception





Ringing ears

Flat: -1 Alertness





Wobbly legs

-1 DEX (affects defence)


Recover 1




-2 dex skills,-1 other physical skills


Recover 1




Delayed: Limbs swell up -2 def.  No metal armour

5 min

Recover at 1/day



Lose concentration

-1 ALERT, -1 initiative

1 hour

Recover 1



Blurred vision

Flat: -4 skills under 30’, -2 over 30’

1 hour

½ effect

  LSD You can fly (with pink elephants)      
  Nausea Lose next 2 rounds + 3d6 damage      
  Slow acting 1 SP (but save is at -5) no cure 1 round Cured  
  Fuzzy mind Disadvantage to all mental skills and saves      
  Jeteye Disadvantage on sight based actions      
  Anti-regen All healing fails      
  Stumbler DEX = -2 (includes defence, but not propelled weapons)      

Mind control effects

Spells which control the mind may have reduced effects if a save is made. For example if a hold spell was cast it would end up being a slow spell if the save was just made or cause only a loss of initiative if it was successful by a larger margin.


Certain monsters, sights and situations are so horrific that characters may literally quake in their boots. Unless a saving throw is made characters will suffer some ill effects depending upon the severity of the failure.

Once a scene has been saved against successfully the character need not save again if it is re-encountered. If the save failed they must save again adding the success modifier from the last failure. The ability to save again simulates the desensitising effect of repeated encounters.


Cumulative Effects








Senseless rage



Mental shock




Ill effects may be removed with a remove fear .

Threatening situations


The character starts shaking and perform all actions at -2. No hero points may be used. This lasts until 10 minutes afterwards the encounter is ended



The character cannot bear to look at or approach the cause. They may only attack from the relatively safe distance of 30'. Even then all actions are performed at -4. If the creature comes closer then the character must endeavour to retreat. If retreat is impossible due to a physical restraint (a wall, fast flowing river, or such like) they may attack at -6. No hero points may be used during this encounter or for a period of 10 minutes afterwards.


Mental shock

The character remains stunned (see combat) for three rounds. After that a saving throw against mind may be made. If failed another save may be made after 3 rounds. If three saves fail the character falls into a state of deep shock whereby a save may be made only every hour. No hero points may be used during this encounter or for a period of 10 minutes afterwards.



The character would willingly dive into a set of rapids or through a wall of flame in order to get away. No hero points may be used during this encounter or for a period of 10 minutes afterwards.

For the next month they will be revolted even by the sight of something that reminds them of the scene. (Thus spilt red wine suggests the spilt blood of a massacre). The horrifying experience play itself over and over again in the characters mind. By day they continually talk about the event; by night they suffer nightmares and gain little real rest. Only half normal stamina and power points may be gained each day.


Non-threatening situations

If the scene turns threatening then at that point the threatening reactions occurs instead.


The character has to look away in disgust. No hero points may be used until 10 minutes afterwards the scene can no longer be seen (and the character is a reasonable distance away).


Senseless rage

If the scene is static (no monsters and not threatening) the character flies into a rage and their only desire is to smash and destroy the horror scene. The character attacks twice as often as normal and continues after the scene is destroyed. Starting 1 round after total destruction the character may make another save at -2 each round (reducing by 1 each round) until successful. No hero points may be used until 10 minutes afterwards the scene has been destroyed or the character has been calmed down by other means.



The character cannot bear to look at the scene or stay in an enclosed space. The character starts shaking with fright then throws up. No hero points may be used until 10 minutes afterwards the scene can no longer be seen (and the character is a reasonable distance away)



The immediate affects are as for nausea however the effects are more traumatic and permanent. The character will immediately try to put as much distance as possible between them and the scene. This will involve running at 4x speed for 2 rounds or until exhausted whichever occurs first. Once the character has got over the initial effects then for the next month they will be revolted even by the sight of something that reminds them of the scene. (Thus spilt red wine suggests the spilt blood of a massacre).

Wild Surges

Roll Effect Description
1 Blast 10' diameter arcane blast 1SP per power point (Endurance)
2 Backfire Thrown back 10' take d6 damage (bludgeon)
3 Internalised Power channelled through you too early,  suffer minor damage, 1SP per power point (no save)
4 Curveball Spell directed incorrectly (does not hit original target)
5 Burnout early Spells burnsout in 1 round if it has a duration or no effect if instant
6 Power leak Additional power needed cast at +1 level or the spell fails.
7 Brain freeze No action until end of next turn.
8 Brain addled No casting next turn (or this), dazed.
9 Stunned Stunned next round
10 Dazed Dazed next round
11 Off balance You are at disadvantage until end of next round
12 Combat advantage to all saves.
13 Saw it coming =+D6 to opponent's saves
14 Thick ether Spell goes off at half desired range.
15 Thin ether Spell goes off at 2x expected range
16 Distracted Lost concentration, goes off in front of your face.
17 Bemused =+D6 to saves
18 Connection lost Spell fails, no visible effect
19 Wobbly ether Spell effect reversed (if possible)
20 Ether hole Rains fish...
21 Oops Clothes catch on fire
22 Planar leak Special
23 Planar leak Special
24 Planar leak Special
25 Planar leak Special
26 Planar leak Special
27 Planar leak Special
28 Planar leak Special
29 Planar leak Special
30 Planar leak Special


1 Conj / Abjur Attract Fire /electricity...
2 Conj / Abjur Glowing halo 1 easier to hit for 6 rounds
3 Conj / Abjur Annoyed demon comes through = spell level
4 Conj / Abjur Dispel Magic field, affects 1 item/buff
5 Conj / Abjur Teleported random direction 15' x level
6 Conj / Abjur You are moved to the Astral plane for 1r
1 Alteration Boots... turned to stone...
2 Alteration 1 potion / liquid turned to water
3 Alteration Turn surroundings to another state solid (Floor > mud, Water>ice, Air>water,slippery for 2r acrobatics 12 to not fall
4 Alteration Sunk into ground level x 1"
5 Alteration Saps 2 strength from 1 creature
6 Alteration Head grows to twice size for 2r (-2 to speech)
1 Force Thrown upwards level x 5' feet. L(spell/2) damage from ceiling and floor
2 Force Cone 120 degrees pushes characters 10'x level
3 Force Sphere of force pushes all out within 5' x spell level, L1 damage
4 Force Mage thrown random direction 5' x level. Damage = L(spell-1)
5 Force Force wall 10' in front of you 20' long from you for 1r. Prenents missiles/magic Broken by boulders...
6 Force
1 Elemental Ball of Fire… sphere 10' rad
2 Elemental Cone of fire… cone 20'
3 Elemental Lava / freezing fog / mud / cyclone pours through L(spell/2) damage
4 Elemental Annoyed elemental comes through the rift
5 Elemental Potions within 20' frrozen for 10 minutes
6 Elemental Immolated / frozen / static…1 round (2d6 damage)
1 Divination Random vision of something within 50 miles
2 Divination Broadcast thoughts & plans. All opponents go before you next round
3 Divination Blind for 1 round
4 Divination All creatures within 20' glow and become 1 easier to hit for 2 rounds
5 Divination You can see all invisible and other creatures for 2r
6 Divination
1 Electro-mag Annoyed elemental comes through
2 Electro-mag Sucks out all light 20' rad
3 Electro-mag Blinding light -2 skills to all within 10'
4 Electro-mag You glow with a bright light for 2r +2 to be hit.
5 Electro-mag
6 Electro-mag
1 Emotion Fear, run away next round
2 Emotion Hate - All nearby creatures target you next round (including ranged)
3 Emotion Spell affects caster
4 Emotion Blubbering wreck, -2 to skills next round, Iniative = 10, No feats
5 Emotion Mentallly exhausted for 2r -2 to WILL/INT skills
6 Emotion



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