Saga of the Earthstone

The Earthstone, the greatest artifact ever created by the gods. It’s made of 'Original Stone’ with Thor providing the bellows, Moradin the forge, Hastsezini the coals, Untamo the pit of never ending water, Bahrie the love and Tyr the Lore to bind it all together.

The Earthstone was carried triumphantly to all battles where ultimate good was pitched against ultimate darkness. The battles were long and many yet eventually the Lore triumphed and the Earthstone was laid temporarily to rest.

It is said that only one pure of heart may wield the Earthstone yet it does also have a dark side laid there by Tyr to create an insight into the workings of Darkness. Without this dark side its effectiveness would be severely limited yet it is also its greatest weakness as one of sufficient power could force the dark side to become dominant.

History of the World Part 2

Knowledge extracted from a variety of books gathered from Mount Dorren

A long time ago

The Isle of light, centre of the universe angered the gods by their corrupt, devious and sinful ways. The gods, united in their wrath, destroyed the island and its surrounding land to bring the people back to their rightful worship. Some say that there used to be a third moon in the heavens which was ground to dust that fateful morn.

At the time of the destruction of the Isle of Light the Kromens were marching North on a mission to the bay area. Having missed the fall of the Isle of light by a mere 2 months the scene that greeted them was one of utter despondency, confusion, struggle and chaos amongst the people inhabiting the lands immediately surrounding the island. These farmers and others had been dependent upon the Isle yet not allowed to be part of it. Somehow the worst ravages of the storm had been swayed from their path so they were left, many homeless, but mostly alive.

The Kromens swarmed through the area annexing the whole of the bay area in less than 5 months. The survivors were on the whole thankful for the structure brought after the chaos; even after some of them began disappearing. The Kromens ruled for 630 years though the populace began finding disappearances more common and taxes rising. After one abortive rebellion a second was only put down when a huge army was drafted up from the Southern Empire. Gradually things quietened down but then the soldiers, left with little to do looked Eastwards towards the harsh mountains of the Dragon King.
In those mountains dwelt the toughest and hardiest of people, commonly called barbarians for their wild red hair and misunderstood ways. In the spring of 632 the Kromen army marched. All through the summer the barbarians were driven further into their retreats by sheer numbers, but with the onslaught of winter came the uniting of the barbarian tribes under the three sons of Askalon; Ulfar, Geirmund and Iorbjorn. The tribes then swept down using their superior iron weaponry against the Kromen’s bronze.

During the war Geirmund was sorely injured during a charge and had to retire from the battlefield. Shortly afterwards Iorbjorn disappeared but it was noted that the tactics of the Kromens changed suddenly almost reversing the tide of the war. Eventually it is said that Askalon rose on Belmart the great red dragon and belching forth fire drove the hordes back beyond the mountains!

In the aftermath of the Bay War the three sons of Askalon were each granted a princedom in the bay while their father, 'Askalon the Dragon King, King of the Visimogs', retired to the mountains. Although the brothers remained friends, in the generations that followed enmity grew between the now separate clans such that even though they still live in each other’s princedoms skirmishes frequently break out between the rival families.

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