Feats are powerful abilities that characters (and monsters) may use on limited occasions, the situation has to be correct you need to be prepared, have luck on your side and impeccable timimg. They require you to already have certain skills at a given ability or other prerequisites.

Depending upon the feat they may be performed once per round, per encounter or per day.

Training in feats depends on the pre-requisite level

Cost 1 training point and 50 gold marks.
Levels 5+, Faith 3+, Arcane knowledge 3+, Attribute 2+
Cost 2 training points and 200 gold marks.
Levels 8+, Faith 5+, Arcane knowledge 5+, Attribute 3+
Cost 3 training points and 300 gold marks.

Using a feat is a manoeuvre action unless stated otherwise. n/a indicates it is automatic, not a free action (which are limited to 1/r)

Feat types

Those marked as action = "n/a" are classed as capabilities; these are similar to feats but don't require an action by the user. Feats can be used in addition to a capability.

Herculean Effort

You can lift items beyond your normal strength.
Add +6 to Strength when lifting items for 1 round.

Strength 0 Week n/a
Strong arm Add 5' to all thrown weapon ranges Strength +2 Always n/a

You can move an additional 5' move through a battlefield. This does not affect movement outside a battlefield (normally 2x movement)

Alertness +2 Always minor
Lungs of Steel You can instantly hold your breath.
Reroll the first failure when you have to hold your breath.
Constitution +2 Day n/a
Duck and Weave

Lunge to distract and manoeuvre past an opponent. Costs 10' of movement

Counts as disengagement (no opportunity attack).

Dexterity +2 Encounter Minor
I was expecting that Your reflexes let you roll a surprise check save even if the monsters always surprises. You gain +2 on normal surprise checks. Alertness +2 Always n/a
Lip reading The ability to read lips if within 20' and under good light. (The results are not perfect by any means). Alertness +2 Always n/a
Joint Priest and Mage      
Area Adept May alter the area of effect from a cube <-> sphere -> cone (when appropriate). Normal level limits do not apply. Faith/Arcane Knowledge +3 Encounter Minor
Ranged Adept

May choose 1 spell they know, and may double the range of that spell for 1 extra PP.

May be taken multiple times for different spells

Faith/Arcane Knowledge +3 Encounter Minor
Improved connection

The mage/priest and familiar/follower are now able to fully converse as if sharing a language (not telep[athy).

Faith/Arcane Knowledge +4 Always n/a
Extended Concentration

Concentration prayers/spells remain in effect for one round after you stop concentrating. This cannot extend a spell beyond its maximum duration. Spells on which you stop concentrating will continue what they were doing when you stopped.

Faith/Arcane Knowledge +5 Day n/a
Gabbled Prayers

You rush through your prayers gabbling the words but the god probably understands, your 2nd prayer goes off at the end of the round.

Any variability on either prayer is at disadvantage

Faith +2 Day Minor
Whispered prayers Prayers can be cast without drawing attention to yourself; also reduces difficulty by 2 when gagged Faith +2 Always Minor
Silent Prayer Priests pray in silence (requires Mumbled Prayers). +1 PP needed Faith +4 Always Minor
Meditative techniques Can recover a 10% of power in 1 hour Faith +5 Day n/a
Flowery gestures

+1 to a prayer roll.

(+1 to whatever dice are rolled, save, damage, spelll attack...).

Faith +3 Encounter Minor
Quick change Druids may change directly from one animal form to another. Costs half of normal movement Faith +5 Encounter Minor
Meditative techniques Can recover a 10% of power in 1 hour Arcane +5 Day n/a
Flying fingers

Can cast an additional spell as a minor action.

Flying fingers spells may not be altered from the default settings.

+3 to the wild surge chance (2-4 if not normally rolled) for each spell.

Arcane Knowledge+3 Encounter Minor
Improved connection The mage and familiar are now able to fully converse as if sharing a language. Emotion +4 Always n/a
Penetrating eyes

Mages can attempt to cast whilst gagged & bound

+3 to the wild surge chance (2-4 if not normally rolled) +1PP needed

Arcane Knowledge+4 Always Minor
Glowing eyes

Mages can cast in silence. Max level = AK/2. (Requires Penetrating Eyes).

+1 PP needed

Arcane Knowledge+6 Always Minor
We are One The next personal spells cast by the mage also affects the familiar if touching. Arcane Knowledge+5 Encounter Minor
Roll under legs

Roll under the opponents legs if they are > 2x your size, coming up on the other side. Costs 1/2 of your normal movement.

Counts as disengagement (no opportunity attack)

Not if encumbered

Acrobatics +3 Encounter Manoeuvre

You can walk a horizontal tightrope at 1/2 speed

Acrobatics +3 Always n/a
Kick up When unarmoured on in light leather you can leap back to you feet when knocked down. (Counts as a manoeuvre class feat). Acrobatics +4 Always Minor

Your opponent thought he had hit you but you tumble backwards out of range (if there is somewhere to go, you lose your next manoeuvre.

Acrobatics +5


Dodge +5

Encounter React
Slippery steel Slide a dagger through a gap in the armour ignoring all metal armour protection (treat as padded x1). Deadly attack+4 Encounter Manoeuvre
Twisting the Knife

As the blade slips in you give it a quick twist. Add your dex to the damage

Deadly attack+4 Encounter Minor
Evasive Strike Lure opponent then nimbly dodge before striking, +2 defence until your next action Deadly attack+4 Encounter Minor
Vital Strike See Melee +6 lower Deadly attack+5 Encounter  

Go inconsequential. You are overlooked in crowds, gain advantage on bluff and similar where you are avoiding drawing attention to yourself.


When flanking and only have small arms (daggers...) , the opponent pays you little attention. Other attackers do not gain a flanking bonus from you, you gain the undefended rear bonus (+2).

Stealth +4 Encounter MInor

Knife in the Dark

From hidden positions it is possible to perform a sneak attack on a nearby creature (10') for triple damage.

Stealth +4 Encounter Major
Death in the Dark

From hidden positions it is possible to perform a sneak attack on a nearby creature (10') for quadruple damage. (Replaces Knife in the Dark)

Stealth +6 Encounter Major
Knack for weapon Treat all unskilled weapons of a single type.... Weapon +3 Always n/a
Minion If you one shot a creature you gain a free attack at -3 and damage disadvantage on the next minion (cumulative with other modifiers and itself if it occurs more than once per attack action). Weapon +4 Strike Free
Flair for weapon Treat all unskilled weapons of a single type as xxx (Requires Knack for weapon) Weapon +5 Always n/a

Improved Crit

Critical on 1 better than normal Weapon +5 Encounter n/a
Critical kill A critical will kill a redshirt (not leader type) Weapon +6 Round n/a
Beserker Rage

Before combat starts work yourself up into a beserker rage then charge. Defence and dodge reduced by 2 places, you gain +1/2 level damage. Target saves vs Will (10+1/2 level) or can not attack on 1st round.

Gain temporary berseker stamina = Combat skill (vertical before breather)

Do not benefit from leadership or tactics.

Does not wear off until they are all dead.


Melee +5

Day Major
Break in the Action Your last opponent goes down giving you a short breather before the next leaps forward - recover 1 breather point. Melee +4 Round Minor
Heroic Dive
You may dive in front of an arrow aimed at an ally within 10 feet if the path to them is clear. The arrow hits you automatically.
Melee +4 Day React
Blinding retreat You can get out of there fast, move back (1 move) out of melee range on the next segment. Melee +4 Encounter React
Two weapons

You may fight with an additional small weapon in the off hand, though it doesn't add any defense Main hand at -2, off hand at -3. (This is better than one weapon with two attacks at -3.) Short swords, daggers, knives.

Two weapons do not lose an attack if they both roll the same iniative.

Melee +4

Dex = 2

Always n/a
Whirling Blades

The speed and fury of your onslaught forces an all out defence from your target. Normal creatures focus on you but are at combat disadvantage on attacks against you or adjacent allies (Requires Two Weapons).

Melee +5 Encounter Manoeuvre
Bleeding strike

Piercing or slashing weapons only
Your strike causes 2 extra damage at the end of the round.
Prevents regeneration this round.

Melee +4 Encounter Manoeuvre
Finishing move When you put an opponent to 1 SP you may make a finishing move to kill them if you describe it. Melee +4 Round Free
Minion Mash Cleave you way through 10' of minions knocking them aside whilst pressing towards a target location. They each suffer MELEE SKILL points of damage and are knocked aside. Costs your full (normal) move allowance. Mellee +4 Encounter Minor
Manoeuvring Strike

Force opponent to move up to 10'. If they have nowhere to go (or don't wish to be forced in that direction) your next attack is at Combat Advantage.

Melee +4 Encounter Manoeuvre

A successful strike causes a bipedal foe up to 2 size categories larger to stumble. Dodge (12). Combat disadvantage to their actions this turn / next action.

Melee +4 Encounter Manoeuvre
Main Gauche You may use a small light weapon/item in your off hand as +1 parry. Can still attack if it is a weapon.

Melee +5

Dex = +2

Always n/a
Focus attention Cause an opponent to focus attention on you; an adjacent ally gains combat advantage on their next attack. Melee +5 Encounter Minor

Dumps opponent on the ground (Dodge (12). Save reduces the effect.

Works up to 3 size categories bigger or 2 smaller.

Reach weapon

Melee +5

Encounter Manoeuvre

On your next attack gain INT+1 to hit and damage

Melee +5 Encounter Minor
Riposte The opponent eventually goes for that opening it looks like you've been leaving but it was unwise. If they miss you, you gain a free riposte at disadvantage with a one handed sword. Melee +5 Encounter React

During a clash of weapons you take the opportunity to attack their sword. Your free hand (or spear) twists their wrist and their weapon flies out of their hand. Can be attempted with a spear and 1 handed swords

Combat skill save (vs 9 + your skill)

Not effective against weapons held in two hands.

Melee +5 Encounter Manoeuvre

When an attack kills, your extra damage can be applied to an adjacent creature if the attack roll would have hit them.

Note: This is chop not bludgeon, it is caused by the weapon going through the original target.

Chop/slash +5 Encounter n/a
Swirling strike

With a great weapon you swing around your head striking all attackers, separate attack rolls.

Melee +6 Encounter Minor
Repeated blows Add 50% damage - Sidearms only Melee +6 Encounter Minor
Vital Strike A strike towards the head or other vital organ that causes maximum damage and a save or DAZED

Melee +6


Deadly Attack +5

Encounter Manoeuvre
Assault from Above When you have height advantage, you may leap onto an enemy up to two size categories larger and attack at advantage. The enemy must save vs endurance or be knocked prone with you on top. Melee +6 Encounter Minor
Killing blow Find the gap in the armour, ignoring all armour protection with a thrusting melee weapon. It is assumed there is padded (1) below all gaps in armour. Melee +7 Encounter Manoeuvre
Deflect With a flick of a light weapon you can deflect hurled weapons (Spears, javelins, not rocks...) Melee +7 Encounter React
Ringing Hit

Your successful ringing hit (with a bludgeon weapon) caused the foe to stagger.
DAZED save

Bludgeon +4 Encounter Minor
Knock out blow Knock out an unaware foe up to 1' taller than you.
Stun save 15 on the head.
Bludgeon +6 Encounter Minor
Improvised weapon May use anything you pick up as a bludgeon d3 weapon using your brawling skill. Brawling +2 Always n/a
Covering blow

You manoeuvre/grab an opponent/ally so they take a missile aimed at you.

Brawling +6 Encounter React
Ranged Most not possible in medium or great helms.      
Ranged specialist Short range is doubled. Combat Ranged +3 Always n/a
Hurling charge You can hurl a weapon during a charge, then draw a weapon. it does not count as a second action. Combat Ranged +4 Encounter Minor
Find the gap Slot a missile through a gap ignoring cover. Combat Ranged +4 Encounter Minor
Snap shot If you have not yet taken your actions you may use opportunity fire at a target that presents itself unexpectedly. Combat Ranged +5 Round n/a
Timing You slot your missile attack through the brief window of opportunity without hitting your allies. Combat Ranged +6 Round Minor
Blinding Barrage Nock two arrows at the same time to hit the same or 2 adjacent opponents. Bows +4 Day Minor

The target makes a save END (12) or they suffer Critical leg injury
(1/2 move -1 Defence) for the encounter.

Bows +4 Encounter Manoeuvre
Weak spot You arrow/bolt slides between the plates of metal armour or other weak spot leaving only x1 armour underneath to absorb the blow Bows +5 Encounter Minor
Quick shot Hold additional arrows in the off hand. Fire twice in the round, -1 damage level, normal multi-action modifier (-3). Bows +5 Encounter Minor
Rapid shot Hold 3 arrows in hand and fire one on every third segment after initiative. Initiative is d4. Damage disadvantage and only -2 multiple action modifier. Bows +8 Encounter Manoeuvre
Shoulder strike

You hit the shoulder causing a critical arm wound. Save END(12)
Target at combat disadvantage for encounter.

Bows +6 Encounter Manoeuvre
Major artery A thigh strike hits a major artery causing +d12 damage. Bows +7 Encounter Minor
Unseen target You can hit a target completely covered by lobbing it over on obstacle or bouncing of a wall. (ignore cover) Grenades +4 Encounter Minor
Fan of knives With one action throw a fan of knives/darts to strike up to 4 adjacent targets. 1 per target. Thrown +4 Encounter Manoeuvre
Shield Charge

With a medium shield barge past a big humanoid (7') using your normal manoeuvre, (No opportunity attack).

Combat +4 Encounter Minor
Shield Wall An adjacent ally on your medium shield side benefits from your shield, +1 to their defence until the end of the round. Combat +4 Encounter Minor
Shield smash

You smash your medium shield toward the opponent; they either retreat 5’ or take 1SP ignoring armour

Combat +4 Encounter Minor
Tactics & Leadership      
Take the Force Take the attack from an adjacent foe from an adjacent ally giving him a small breathing space for +1 Breather Point. Tactics +2 Encounter React
Combat Rotation Relieve another character by stepping into the fight on your initiative. (They don't need the skill) Tactics +3 Encounter Manoeuvre
Master Flanker When you are flanking an enemy, if it attacks anyone other than you, you get a free opportunity attack at disadvantage after it strikes. Tactics +3 Encounter React
Bait & switch You draw the opponent into an opening it looks like you've been leaving giving them +2 to hit, but it was unwise. An ally flanking them gets an opportunity attack. Tactics +4 Encounter Manoeuvre
Co-ordinated strike You co-ordinate your strike timing with any willing flanking allies. You all gain +1 To hit and +1 damage per additional ally. You all act on the slowest initiative. Tactics +4 Encounter Manoeuvre
Diversion During combat create a diversion so that the next ally melee attack gains +3 to hit. (This round or the next) Tactics +5 Encounter Manoeuvre
Battle Cry

A rousing cry to your allies.
+1 attack to all allies for 1 round.

Leadership +4 Day Minor
Encouragement You shout encouragement, all you allies get back 1 breather point. Leadership +5 Encounter Minor
Shake it off Your words allow an ally to reroll an (appropriate) emotion save. Leadership +5 Day Minor
Rallying call

Call for aid. All allies may move their speed in the direction of an ally in trouble for 1 stamina.

Leadership +5 Encounter Minor
Try Again An ally may regain a spent feat up to the level of your leadership. Leadership +5 Day Minor
Go for it You shout to an adjacent ally giving them an additional attack at the end of the round. Leadership +6 Encounter Minor
Swimmer The character can swim at 1/4 speed. Cannot be performed in metal armour. Athletics 1 Always n/a
Strong swimmer May swim in fast / dangerous currents (Requires Swimmer) Strength 2 Always n/a
War Cry You let out a fearsome bellow, your foe must save vs Wisdom or be FROZEN Intimidation +2 Encounter Minor
Distraction Distract a foe you are not in combat with but who is melee attacking an adjacent ally so their next attack is at disadvantage. Intimidation +3 Encounter Minor

Twirl your sword with a flourish, this showing off distracts an opponent concentrating on you.
Save vs INT (12) or foes stare, giving them disadvantage to attack you. Only works on creatures who can appreciate what you are doing; a mage/dragon would simply breathe on you.

Trick +3 Encounter Minor
Unnatural works You may spot the tell tale signs of stonework that doesn't quite fit, scrapes, odd lines... (secret doors) gaining a spot roll just for walking past (using your mining +alert skill -1). Mining +4 Always n/a
Inconsistent lines This helps you find may spot the tell tale signs that don't quite fit scrapes, odd lines... (secret doors), you naturally spot lots of inconsistencies, most of which are red herrings at each one you make a brief search before carrying on. Use your search skill at1/2 level rounded down (as you don't stop for a thorough search). Spot +5 Always n/a

Assuming the correct (or good substitute) materials are available, duplicates of documents and hand-written notes may be created.

modifiers apply for the specific signature or writing or long works.

When the document is finished an initial average check is made by the DM to see if any obvious errors were made. The general result is known but not the exact figure. This result is then kept for the document. Each time the document is presented the examiners perception roll is checked against the document and modified by their knowledge of the document. A guard would have a fairly good knowledge of a castle pass but a merchant would not be familiar with a royal order to close their shop (but they might get it checked). Creation time is 2 hours+ per item.



Crafter trait

Always n/a
Read prayers

Read priest scrolls & glyphs

(Requires Reading)

Faith +1 n/a n/a
Read magic

Read magic script & glyphs

(Requires Reading)

Intelligence +2

Arcane Knowledge+1

n/a n/a


Can row and has basic knowledge of sailing (anything)

Dexterity +0 Always n/a
  Proposed new feats and skills. Yet to be levelled & approved      
Gnome Illusion Use the spell "Phantasmal Force" at level 1. It has a cooldown time of 10 mins after the illusion ends.


any skill +5