Traits are natural abilities that a character has that extend their basic statistics in a specific but limited way. Traits may not be trained in to increase their effectiveness. Traits may be assets or complications. Traits may only be gained at the start of a characters career.

Traits are Major, Minor or Free. Characters must balance the number of assets and complications. A Major trait is worth 2 Minors and a Minor worth 2 Free. Characters may have one free "Free" trait.

If a character takes a greater number of complications than advantages each excess minor may be retained as 2 Training Points. Characters may not use their spare hero points to gain assets. Characters may design their own traits.

Any trait not marked is considered a minor trait.


Traits cannot be stacked





Pick two omens, one good and one bad for +d6 / -d6 to the next skill roll


Enables a character to ignore pain and exhaustion (wound points) suffered during that encounter. When the encounter ends the normal negative modifiers are suffered until the wound heals. Adreneline will still count for WP lost in further encounters.


Men just want to be with you, buy you pretty things and treat you well in the hope of stealing a kiss


An ambidextrous character may fight equally well with either hand. This also removes the off hand penalty for two weapon fighting so both hands work at the same penalty.

Animal Empathy

The character possesses an inherent ability to relate to animals. They will generally receive a positive reaction from domesticated animals. Cats will jump up onto laps, dogs will sit at their feet. With a successful check they may calm tame animals such as horses and soothe the fears of others to prevent attacks.


You are extremely unremarkable in every regard, and others have a diff cult time recognizing you unless you deliberately draw attention to your identity or affiliations.

Born on a Horse

You make all riding checks at +2


Some have a natural talent for unarmed combat, and you are
one such individual. The Damage Rolls for your Brawling attacks
are increased by 1 place

Clear Thinker

You possess a sharp mind and keen powers of perception, making it very diffi cult for others to deceive you. Whenever you make a Contested Roll against someone who is attempting to confuse or manipulate you in any way, you gain a +2 bonus to the total of your roll

Climate sense

A successful check enables a character to determine the weather for the rest of the day and an impending sense of sudden changes like just before a storm or an earthquake.


You have a knack for and hobby (not a profession), it can be any normal craft such as cooking, drawing, sculpting, cartography, you may specialise in portraits, landscapes, bronzes or anything you can think of.

Pre-requiseite for the forgery feat.



You have a natural fl air for athleticism and a complete lack of self-preservation when it comes to physical danger. Whenever you spend a Hero Point to enhance an Athletics skill roll, you gain advantage on the roll.

Double jointed.

This gives the ability to twist limbs beyond the norm. It gives +2 in an attempt to escape bonds.

Eidetic memory

A character with eidetic memory may recall any map, writing or scene that they have studied. This is not automatic, they need to have stated that they are memorising it. Normally they may recall anything they have seen within the previous minute perfectly but can only hold this information for a short time (not sufficient to permanently memorise it). They make normal memory checks at advantage.

Fast healer

A fast healer heals all wounds (not stamina) at twice the normal rate.


You tend to touch everything, run your hands along walls and fiddle absent mindedly twiddling sconces and anything else that comes to hand. This gives you a chance to stumble upon secret doors and compartments without really looking.

Fighting Type

Pick up any weapon and you know how to use it without penalty at skill level 1 (Not sure this is valid/how it would work in new combat system)

Friends in High / Low places

You have a contact either in the government / aristocracy or the underworld

Good Name

You did something in the past that made people remember you for all the right reasons, saved a drowning woman, rescued a princess or helped the poor.

Grim Determination

When you have lost all your breather points your determination grants you +1 to hit.

Heavy Tolerance

You don't get drunk until at least the 18th pint


Your maximum hero points is increased by 1.

Internal compass

With a successful check the character will have kept track of their current direction +/- 15 degrees. If the roll is failed a random direction is given and further directions are relative to the last direction.


Do you turn left or right, is he trustworthy. You seem to get the answer right more times than by chance (6-8 depending upon the circumstances)

Keen sense

Eagle eyes means that a character can perceive details at twice the normal distance. This does not help with distant objects when the weather conditions determine visibility. The character gains +1 to hit at over 50 yards.

Owl ears gives a character + 2 on any hearing attempt. In addition they gain +2 in detection of ambushes. They will have noticeably large ears.

Super smell enables a character to distinguish the faintest of smells. This helps when tracking monsters who've recently passed. It may enable the location of an exit from a dungeon to be determined by the faint waft of fresh air or the determination of the type of creature that inhabits an area from its odour. They will have a noticeably large nose.

They will all help in discovering illusions.


A knack means that a character has a particular ability with a given specialisation. The effect is that they require 1 fewer training point.

Note: This equals out at 5th level as a Major trait therefore when a high level character is generated there are restrictions to prevent it becoming free training points.

Either the knacked skill may not be above level 2


You must have the full compliment of complications

Light sleeper

This enables a character to become quickly awake at the first sound of any danger. It works on a sixth sense of danger as well as sound. Any shouting will wake them as if they have been shaken

The character will be able to use dodge defense by rolling whilst asleep against any melee attack becoming fully awake though still prone

Lightning Reflexes

You gain a bonus of 1 on initiative checks (i.e. deduct 1 from the die)


A lucky character is blessed in many ways. You may reroll 1 die per session/adventure. Rather they have the knack for being in the right place at the right time.

If looking for a way to cross a river they may stumble across a boat...

Natural Linguist

You know 3 extra languages and seem to be able to communicate at least rudimentarily using words and signs with almost anything.

Nature Lover

You are naturally in tune with the world and understand how natural animals work. You do not appear threatening, given a choice a natural animal will attack another character.

Nose for trouble

When you stop to think about something you absorb all the little clues and get a good idea if there is unseen trouble ahead, you cannot place your finger on why and will not know what the trouble is (7).


This enables a character to be be able to read, not only pictures on pub signs but even understand letters. It even gives the ability to read prayer scrolls but not wizard ones (the words are meaningless).

Resistant to disease

This gives a natural resistance to all diseases, + 3 is gained on all saving throws. Any damage is reduced by 1 point and duration is reduced by 1 day per week.

Resistant to poison

This gives a natural resistance to some poisons, + 2 is gained on all saving throws. The time between checks when getting worse (not better) is doubled.

Resistant to cold

This gives a natural resistance to all cold (including magic), + 2 is gained on all saving throws. Even if a save is failed any damage is reduced by 1 point. In addition characters can reduce their level of encumbrance by wearing thinner clothes in cold climes.

Resistant to heat

This gives a natural resistance to all heat (including magic), +2 is gained on all saving throws. Even if a save is failed any damage is reduced by 1 point to a minimum of 1.

Short sleeper

This enables a character to survive on only 6 hours sleep each night without suffering ill effects.


You gain 5' of movement when in armour no heavier than leather.

Steady and Calm

This enables a character to be calm in the face of danger and resist the urge to throw up at gruesome scenes. They gain +2 save in fear or horror conditions.

Sweet and Cheerful

You are always sweet and cheerful, even in dire circumstances. Others will look on you more favourably during interactions

Tough as nails

You have 4 extra wound points (2 life + 2 wound) & corresponding starting stamina.

Addiction (Compulsion)

There is some activity in which you are hopelessly compelled to partake. It is a ritual that is so ingrained in your behavior that it requires a feat of will to forsake it, even in dire circumstances.
This may be something illicit and addictive, such as sake or gambling, or it may be as innocuous as visiting every major temple you pass.(Free / MInor / Major)

Resisting your compulsion requires a straight roll DC 8/10/12 (for Free/Minor/Major). This is not based on a stat as that would make it meaaningless for certain characters and therefore not a complication.

e.g. Minor

A mild alcoholic will always get drunk after returning from an adventure to a place of supposed safety. If they fail a save they will become paralytic.

Affected by cold

The character cannot stand cold conditions and suffers -2 to all skill attempts in near freezing conditions. They must also wear cumbersome warm clothes as in chilly conditions. (Encunberance 2)

Affected by heat

The character cannot stand hot conditions. They suffers -2 to all skill attempts in desert conditions and -1 in other hot climates or conditions. Armour other than light leather doubles the penalties.


The character suffers from hay fever or some other type of allergy. If the allergy surfaces they suffer a 1-3 penalty to all rolls that day for a moderate attack and a 1-6 penalty for a severe attack.

The allergy can be for anything from cats to mould to bee stings. The HP suffered depend upon the specific allergy.


You find the presence of others uncomfortable, so much so that it is immediately obvious to those around you. Your preference for solitude causes you to behave in a manner that might best be described as rude. You suffer -1 to all social skill rolls.

Compulsive honesty

These characters find it extremely difficult to lie and when they do it is normally self-evident from their body language and voice. They tend to be blunt rather than tactful.

Dead Broke

You always find something to spend your money on, frittering it away on wine, women and song; gambling, baubles and fancy goods which never last. Saving up for something is almost impossible, if you don't have the money now you'll simply spend it on something else. You stay at best inns and eat the best food food you can afford leading a good lifestyle with appropriate costs. You can always go and earn more when it runs out.

At least 20% of all earnings is spent on ephemeral goods.

Deep sleeper

A deep sleeper would sleep through the end of the world. Only magic or physical shaking will wake the character.

Diseased / disabled

The character suffers from some debilitating disease, such as arthritis in cold weather or back ache when its raining. The character would then typically suffer -2 to all physical skill attempts.

Do it with Style

When there is an option to be flamboyant you will take it, especially if it makes the action harder.


You are possessed by some goal, and will sacrifice almost anything to accomplish it. Family, friends, material possessions all mean nothing compared to the potential completion of this goal, whatever it may be.

e.g. defend the weak, protect women discover the Dragonstone.


You fumble on a natural 3 but critical on a natural 15


These characters have a goal in life from which they won't be dissuaded. They will gladly die for their beliefs (and frequently will). Any code of behaviour or goals will always override any goals of the party.


You are completely fascinated by some subject, and will go to great lengths to learn more about it or to experience it in new ways. Typical subjects of fascination include music, horses, poetry, and history. This fascination badly impedes your judgment, and you will take even dishonorable actions to learn more.


You can't help but help yourself to things which aren't yours. If somebody leaves something around they obviously meant for you to have it. If they nailed it down they were just giving you a challenge

Forked Tongue

What is a lie any way, you wouldn't know any more than you knew the truth. You say whatever is most convenient and if there is a choice between truth and untruth then make something up, it will be far more exciting.

Long sleeper

These characters require 10 hours of sleep instead of the normal 8. If they don't get this they suffer -1 on all skills for the next day.

Low Pain Threshold

Your ability to focus in the face of pain is less than that of others. When wounded you suffer an additional -1 penalty to all skills.

Monster bane

The character hates a particular type of monster and must save or attack them in an all out attack.

Dull Senses

You are nearsighted, have a poor sense of smell and don't notice that the pub grub was made from last weeks rat. Nearsighted creatures suffer a penalty of -1 at targets of 10' or more away and -3 at targets 30' or more away.


People take a dislike to you. You find yourself drinking alone and always being given the worse jobs. -2 on any influence based skills.

Ooh, Shiny !

Easily distracted by shiny and valuable objects.


Of course the plan will work, you have no qualms about climbing that 1000 foot cliff, overpowering the giant and sneaking past the dragon. You'll try anything once as only other people die.

Phobia (Minor to Major)

A phobia may be partially overcome in the face of physical danger if a save is made. All phobias mean the character suffers a -4 penalty to all actions for an attack or -2 if the save is made.


You don't like a particular class of people of things, no real reason except that they are all obviously evil.


A character who is unlucky has a problem. It does not affect any die rolls but if there is one person in a city they do not want to meet they will probably bump into them rounding a corner. If one person's tent leaks, you know who's it will be. If the Rhino charges it's you it's heading for.


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