Critical Events & Fumbles

Critical Events

Critical events are random events that occur due to the fog of battle. Each round a critical event will may happen when a character has the same initiative as the opposition. The effects are applied to one or both sides (rolled side randomly -: high = affects party).

If the event is not appropriate then one side gets to choose combat advantage/disadvantage.

Critical events also occur when a character fumbles, with the result always being bad for the fumbler.


Lines 1 - 20 of the table are also used as the fumble table, in this case the detrimental effect is always placed on the fumbler. If any result is inappropriate for the situation the opponent acts with combat advantage.


No. Event Melee Affects
low = PC
high = NPC
1     1 character
2 Armour trouble Wood shield smashed, Metal dented ( -1 Def) 1 character
3 " Shield dropped 1 character
4 " Armour badly damaged (-2 def, & 10% repair cost)) 1 character
5 Weapon trouble Weapon dropped, disarmed. 1 character
6 " Weapon stuck in something 1 character
7 Combat advantage Combat advantage 1 character
8 Befuddled No feats until end of next round 1 character
9 Item dropped Drop an item/ has it cut free 1 character
10 Stumble Lose manoeuvre recovering 1 character
11 Item damaged

Something breakable on belt//bandolier/backpack hit. 1 character
12 Knock down Prone 1 character
13 Lucky opening +d6 to hit 1 character
14 Winded Suffer 1SP (not wounds) -1 next attack 1 character
15 Strike 2 Opponent gets another strike attempt at disadvantage 1 character
16 Stymied No hero points this or next round except 1/2 damage Both combatants
17 Hero point Additional hero point (must be used this round) 1 character
18 Mount rears / bolts Riding 16 skill attempt to stay on. 1 mount
19 Armour gap Strike slipped between the plates (use under armour of x1 max) 1 character
20 Combat disadvantage Combat disadvantage 1 character
21 Battlefield damage Something broken, table / chair  
22 Battlefield shifts 5-10 feet in random direction (affects 10-' diameter) Both combatants
23 Switch positions Characters switch positions by 180 degrees Both combatants
24 Lucky break +d6 to defence & saves 1 character
25 Retreat 1 party retreats by 10' (or -3 defence) 1 character
26 Ether flow The magic flows freely, -1 to saves or +1 die to damage Both combatants
27 Clash Both combatants hit Both combatants
28 Befuddled If attacked; no skill action next round 1 character
29 Wild opening Both combatants critical (hit for max damage) Both combatants
30 Clash of arms Miss that attack Both combatants



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